Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two Years

Today is Mike's and my two year anniversary. Sometimes, it feels like the time has absolutely flown and other times it feels like I have known this man for my whole life and two years just doesn't sound right. Either way, I am so blessed to have him in my life. I know this blog has been a little bit of love overload lately, but so many changes have been happening in our relationship that I've wanted to share about! :)

I thought it might be fun to share the ten things I love most about Michael.

1. He makes me laugh. Constantly.
2. He respects me and makes me feel cared for.
3. He communicates with me and always forgives me when I have freak out moments.
4. He's a great cuddler- and I demand a lot of cuddle time.
5. He makes just as many funny faces in pictures that I do.
6. He plans fun trips for us and honors our inner wanderlust.
7. He respects my faith and takes an active role in growing in our relationship with eachother and God.
8. He's shared in pivotal life moments with me, both the good and bad & I know he will continue to always be there.
9. He's a goof ball.
10. He loves me with his whole heart and not just a piece of it.

Happy Day.


  1. very sweet post.! sounds like you've got a keeper :)

    1. Thanks so much!! So happy you stopped by!! :)


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