Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Give Yourself Permission...To Rest


Hi Loves!

I apologize, it's been a while. I've been sick with the stomach bug for a couple of days now and it's driving me nuts. I hate when all of the sudden you have to stop everything because you're sick. Yes, you get to watch bad TV and get extra sleep, but it's so much less fun when it's not something you planned.

I have a terrible time with it because I have a hard time giving myself permission to just rest. For example, I start worrying about all the things I have to do/had planned on doing. I wait for someone (usually M) to tell me it's okay to just rest, that I need it to get better.

Which is when I realize-I'm the only one who can give myself permission. And I deserve that permission. Sometimes, our bodies aren't as strong as we'd like, and we can't do it all-no matter how desperately we want to. Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to rest.

So, instead of moping about today on day 4 of this no fun bug, I am toasting all of you with a glass of ginger ale and wishing you rest if that's what you need...give yourself permission- sometimes that's all we need.



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