Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dreaming of...


This weekend Boston had yet another snow storm and it's making me crave the sun, waves and sandy toes. In order to get through the winter blues I thought I'd post some beachy pictures and huddle down for some Oscar viewing.

 & a little sunshiny quote to start the week off right...


Hoping some sunshine comes your way!

                                                                                              Anyone else craving the sunshine?
                                                                                 What do you do when you feel (wintery) blue?

Weekend Update


I hope everyone had a splendid weekend. This weekend was all about good food, friends and rest for me. Especially before the crazyness of midterms comes (t-minus 16 hours, but who's counting?) Here's some pics (I wish I could re-eat that canoli!)

1. Beautiful sky outside the BC T Stop
2. Delicious peanut butter cup bars my roomate made
3. The amazing menu at an italian restaurant
4. Steph's birthday!
5. Great food
6. One word: yum!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thirty-One Years

Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy wedding anniversary! Can you believe you have been married thirty-one years? Time flies when you are taking care of awesome kids. ;)

I wanted to write you to tell you thank you for teaching me so much about life, love and marriage. Throughout your marriage you have dedicated yourselves to being such wonderful parents. And for that Jess, Meg, David and I have immensely been nutured, loved and blessed. You are the reason we all have turned into the people we are today.

You've taught me that marriage isn't roses all the time and takes hard work like any relationship. Through this I have learned in my own relationship with Michael that we have to continually work at it. Romance isn't always a fairytale and there are going to be many bumps in the road. You've taught me that if you work through those bumps, though, there is something beautiful waiting on the other side.

Before I get too mushy, I will simply end with an I love you and a Happy Anniversary Momma & Poppa.



Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Hello all!

Thank you to those who checked out my first post- I truly appreciate it! :)

This weekend was great fun. I was lucky enough to have a visit from Michael. He arrived late Friday night and left this morning (yay for the Presidents!) On Saturday, we went out with a bunch of friends from the STM (School of Theology and Ministry). It was the first time Mike was able to meet most of the people I spend my days with here in Boston. I was excited he was able to meet a good chunk of the people who keep me smiling. We started the night out at an Irish pub in the Faneuil Hall area. For those who are new to Boston or planning a visit sometime soon-I highly suggest checking out this area. Quincy Market is great and I always feel very Bostonian when in this section of town. Of course, I tell everyone I feel "very Bostonian" and then end up looking like the biggest tourist ever-but that's okay.

After we ate dinner at the pub, we headed to another Irish pub. Ha. Can you tell I miss Ireland, or what? I studied abroad in Dublin my junior year and miss it dearly. There was live Irish music at this pub and one of the first songs played was "Galway Girl." (Ever seen PS I love you? It's the song hunky Gerard Butler plays to win over the main character's heart.) Anyways, I'm a bit obsessed with this song. I always requested it in Ireland and was laughed at because it's an Americanized Irish song and not truly Irish-oh well, I still love it!

Video of the Galway Girl scene

Here's some pics from the weekend:
The Beautiful Erin & I

The Girls!

Michael & I (Silly boy can never take an Iphone pic with the flash on without looking like he just woke up :) )

As always, I was estatic to have Mike visit. It always goes by too fast!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?
Anyone else love Faneuil Hall?



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jumping down the rabbit hole


And welcome to my blog. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now and finally decided- "okay, let's do this!" I figured what's not a better day to start than Valentine's Day. After all this is where I will be writing about my life, sharing the people I love and sharing my general (some exciting, some not so exciting) adventures with you all (and hopefully I will eventually have a "you all" to refer to :))

So here it is...

Let's jump down the rabbit hole of my life...

My name is Lauren and I am a 20something graduate student living in Boston. I am biased and will frequently refer to this as the best city ever (sorry New Yorkers.)

I am a daughter of two great parents and have awesome siblings. I have been dating this crazy kid for almost two years now...
Huck :)

I call him Huck (a funny nickname he recieved from me) and I'm sure I will share a lot about him (to his chagrin I'm sure!) We met in undergrad in Vermont and he's the sweetest.

I'm hoping to simply share my life on this blog. Writing inspires me and I love to talk with others and learn their life stories. I hope you follow, comment and share and that we can grow on this adventure together!

Happy Valentine's Day!





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