Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thirty-One Years

Dear Mom and Dad,

Happy wedding anniversary! Can you believe you have been married thirty-one years? Time flies when you are taking care of awesome kids. ;)

I wanted to write you to tell you thank you for teaching me so much about life, love and marriage. Throughout your marriage you have dedicated yourselves to being such wonderful parents. And for that Jess, Meg, David and I have immensely been nutured, loved and blessed. You are the reason we all have turned into the people we are today.

You've taught me that marriage isn't roses all the time and takes hard work like any relationship. Through this I have learned in my own relationship with Michael that we have to continually work at it. Romance isn't always a fairytale and there are going to be many bumps in the road. You've taught me that if you work through those bumps, though, there is something beautiful waiting on the other side.

Before I get too mushy, I will simply end with an I love you and a Happy Anniversary Momma & Poppa.




  1. This is the cutest. Seriously. Your family is the best to photograph AND have fun with!


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