Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today I am linking up to Emily over at Inhabit your Moments. She just had a great post about how there is beautiy in simplicity and I couldn't help but totally agree!

With school being back in swing and only a few months left, I have developed the stress bug. This week seems to be a lot of work and no sleep. Reflecting on the beautiful things in life that make me smile makes me take a step back and simply,

So here are some of the things I find beautiful and keep me smiling:
1. Cuddles! I am so happy this guy is moving here. It means I'll be able to get hugs and cuddles more than every couple of weeks! That  is sure to reduce my stress level. Something about hugs...they keep a person smiling.
2. Ireland. I studied abroad in Dublin and with Saint Patrick's Day coming up I am constantly reminded of all the beauty I saw there. Everything was so lush and green and the people were so sweet. I miss it every day!

3. New art work: I found this picture of Brigid (patroness of Ireland) on Pinterest and love it. I am hoping I can figure out who the artist is and hopefully buy a print of this. Brigid is a 4th century abbess and lived such an amazing and inspiring life. She's a strong, powerful woman who reminds me to be the same! I was able to go on a walking retreat while in Ireland and visited a bunch of her wells and places attributed to her. (As you can see I'm on a bit of an Ireland kick at the moment! :) )
Hoping you have lots of beautiful, simple, inspiring moments this week!
Where/What is the beauty in your life ?

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