Sunday, March 24, 2013

Learning to Be Happy

 Hi all!

I had a great weekend and hope you did, too! I went on what I consider to be the perfect Boston date (I'm so excited to be guest posting about it later this week!) And today I was able to see some of my fam at a brunch my sister and brother-in-law had.

This afternoon, I, in typical fashion, took a nap while Mike read. Before I fell asleep, though, I was thinking a lot about happiness. This weekend I felt blissfully happy-fuller than I have in a long time. 

When I feel this happy, I usually worry, which is pretty counter-productive. Ever hear that phrase, "waiting for the other shoe to drop"? Well, that is me a lot of the time. I worry that because I am so happy, that something in some area of my life is going to turn grey.

As I was laying there, sleepiness closing in, I realized-I needed to change my thought process. Why shouldn't I simply just be happy? Instead of worrying about my happiness, I just need to thank God for the blessing that it is and revel in the feeling of warmth it brings. Each day is each day. Whether it is a good or bad day doesn't depend on a single moment of happiness-it depends on a lot of things beyond my control. After all, this past week was horrible and look at what a great weekend I had.

So, this week I am making this my new mantra: Be Happy & Enjoy it. Simply live in the moment and throw both shoes out the window and go barefoot for a while.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!!

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