Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Catch-Up & Bloglovin

Hi All!

I'm so excited to be back on the bloggersphere after a couple days hiatus. Sorry I disappeared but between moving and Mike's birthday I was on the go go go and am now just stopping to catch my breath (and share with you all!)

First off, the move went great. On Thursday Mike and I packed up his apartment and moved everything into the moving truck. It was just the two of us, so I was super proud that we got it all done. I even moved an all oak dresser down two huge flights of stairs- I felt pretty awesome. It really felt like the start to Mike's and my new journey together.

Then on Friday Mike drove the moving truck and I followed behind in his car. It was a tad hilarious watching him drive this sixteen foot monstrosity-but he did it in style. The moving truck couldn't go above 75 mph so it was a bit slow going, but we finally made it to Boston! Here's a few pics from the road and the bottom left is right when we got to Mike's apartment (can you tell I was a little excited?)

My parents came down to help move Mike in (thanks Momma and Poppa Fish!) Mom even brought some cookies and my all favorite buffalo chicken dip (I'll post the recipe on here soon).

Friday night we went out with some friends of mine from school and I had the most delicious cider. If you like cider try DownEast's cranberry cider. It's my friend Cambria's boyfriends company which I had no idea until I posted a pic on instagram-the power of social media at its finest, friends. :) So, if you like Cider, definitely give them a try-totally delicious!

Saturday was Mike's birthday! Happy Birthday, Huck! :)

We had a relaxing day. It started out by taking him to lunch where he literally had the largest nacho plate I've ever seen-both of our mouths dropped when the waitress brought it over. We then ran some errands at Target and headed back to Mike's for a much needed nap. For his birthday night we went to a Saint Patrick's Day shindig which was a ton of fun-check out my Shamrock ears! :) I bought him Red Sox tickets for a game in May-so I'm excited for that!

I am so excited Mike is finally in Boston. I keep waking up each morning excited and realize it's because he is so close by! But, alas, I'll stop gushing. :)

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Hope you all have a fab start to the week!

How were your weekends?
What did you do for Saint Patrick's Day?

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