Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why We Should Be Broken Up

Hi Lovelies!

The other day I was thinking about relationships, specifically romantic ones.

I've just started a full time job for the summer and Mike has been working a lot of extra hours. Between the two of us this has meant some grumpy days and an extra commitment to taking time for our relationship.

Growing up, we are inundated with happy ever afters. Don't get me wrong, I believe in happy endings, but I've come to realize relationships aren't as easy as we're taught from a young age. It's not all pumpkin carriages and pixie dust all the time (although, hopefully there is a good measure of both.)

Relationships take work. They take daily commitment.

So, I realized, if I adhered to "fairytale rules" Mike and I should be broken up by now (even though I love him more than anything). Because guess what,

We Are Not Perfect.

Shocker, right? 

I remember growing anxious last week, because I wondered if other couples experience the same grumpy-notsoawesome-days Mike and I sometimes have. 

Of course they do. What we see of other people's relationships is only on the outside, not what there day to day looks like. Every relationship is a perfect struggle-full of happiness, love, joy and sometimes tiredness, anger and sadness. That's life.

So, I'm glad Mike and I aren't perfect by fairy tale standards. I'm glad we have to work at our relationship each and every day, because it reminds me I have something beautiful worth working for.

And that makes us perfect, in our perfectly imperfect way.

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  1. If a relationship was perfect.. It'd be pretty damn boring. Great post!

  2. Aw, this is a very sweet post. I think sometimes all the fights just make the relationship stronger in the end. :)

  3. Love this post. We always have grumpy days and stupid fights. As long as you're able to laugh about it in the end, you'll be golden. :)

  4. What an excellent way to look at relationships! No one I s perfect and some days we are just more irritable than others. It doesn't mean we aren't perfect together. It just means we're human. :-)

  5. this is a great post!
    We are all human, and have our moments. All that matters is if at the end of the day you two can get through whatever. It will make you stronger in the end!

  6. What a sweet post! I just did posts recently about my relationship too. One was on what we fight about and today's one was about the things I love about him. Every relationship has it's ups and downs. It's those that work for it that have great relationships.

  7. i love having heart to heart marriage convos with my girlfriends because then i realize that i'm not alone!

  8. Ugh...going through this right now. To break up or to not break up? That is the question!!
    Great post!


  9. I absolutely love that you wrote this. It's a little reminder out of the blue of how things really are. I hope you guys have had a great day!


  10. This reminds me of fantastic advice from a friend - "We need to stop comparing our insides to everyone else's outsides." This was shared with me about first time Mothers comparing themselves to all the other Mothers...lots of pressure of being a "perfect" Mom and doing everything right. Same goes for relationships. We compare what we know and feel about our relationships with the *appearance* of other relationships and it can be hurtful. I am inspired and admire couples who show sincere and genuine love and concern for each other, but it is a slippery slope to make inspiration into your own personal realtiy standard of every day, every moment. Also need to say that FB can really help create false images of a "perfect" life. I absolutely love when my friends post moments of joy, but also share moments of hardship which makes everythings seem more real. I'm always like..."you betcha my friend, that is hard stuff." I think people are afraid that the bad moments take away from the good ones, but truly, it is okay for them to co-exist without making the good ones bad, or the bad ones good. Sending love to you and all the hard work you are putting in and for being honest and real with yourself and Mike. Just make sure that admist all that hard work, there is still joy, love, respect and admiration underneath all the grumpy stuff. Love you LB!

  11. As half of a newlywed couple, let me say...we have had more grumpy days/gauntlet throwdown battles than we ever did before we were married! Relationships are work, and as long as two people are willing to work at it, that's what makes y'all stronger together than separate!

  12. I remember my best friend and I saying something along the lines of this when we were in college: "Why does everyone say marriage is hard? All you have to do is find that person you really and truly love..."

    Of course we didn't realize that there was SO much more to it than that. The "work" is not only in all of the day-to-day life, but just in fighting through that mundanity that can sometimes creep into the day-to-day life. It can feel like Groundhog Day sometimes, but it's worth fighting for. :)

  13. This is such a great saying :)

    xo Ashley

  14. You're so right.
    Also. I love your page design! I know I've been gone about a month and it's crazy coming back and seeing what all everyone has done.

    I wish you luck with your non-fairytale relationship.
    Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find one relatively soon as well. :)

  15. You are so right! I am glad you are happy and are working at it all! :)


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