Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Ode to the Nice Girls

Happy Wednesday, All!

This past weekend my friend pulled out a book entitled, "Why Men Love B*thches." She had pulled it off her roomates shelf thinking it was going to be a comical romance novel. Nope, turns out it was exactly what the title said.

We read a couple pages and the ideas became challenging for me.

Why do women have to be considered b*tches to get the guy?

I am a self-proclaimed nice girl. I always have been. It's been a blessing and a curse. I love that I don't have a mean bone in my body, but I also have been walked all over because of it.

However, I believe nice girls get a bad rap (which is ronic, don't ya think?)

We are called pushovers. We are told we aren't acting like strong women. We are told we don't have a backbone. We are made fun of for NOT making fun of others.

You know what I say?

Nice girls are awesome and we do have backbones- tough ones. We are strong women. I have learned to get my point accross without being mean. It's taken me time to find that voice, but I finally have it. And I've learned I don't have to sacrifice being nice to express my point.

And I didn't have to stop being a nice girl to get the guy.

So, this is my ode to the nice girls:

Keep being nice-you'll find a guy that loves you for it.
Keep using your backbone without being mean.
Keep loving yourself for who you are.
And all the people who say you have to be a b*tch?
Smile and wave at them like the nice girl you are.
You rock on, Nice Girl.
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  1. Who wants to be with a guy who likes bitches anyhow?

  2. Good girls get the nice guys. B*tches get the jerks! Keep being a good girl. ;-)

  3. Good girls are awesome and definitely get the gentlemen. Glad to know that I am in good company!

    Tiffany @

  4. kill 'em with kindness friend! the world need more nice girls like you!

  5. There was one time in my life where my nice girl side faded. When I was with a terrible ex boyfriend. He was a jerk and very aggressive in every part of his life. I was young and in love and didnt really think. But The nice girl is back and I'm beyond proud of it!!

  6. I love this!! I'm a nice girl too and am very proud of it!!!! I found your blog through Sara at I'm also new to blogging (very new). I'd love it if you stopped by, visited & possibly even followed. :) I look forward to reading more from you!!

  7. no, YOU rock on, nice girl :) love this.

  8. Yay for nice girls! Can't wait to hang out in Boston. :)

  9. Great post! I have always been the nice girl and you said it right it does not always pay off. But after many years I have become tough!
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  10. Hi :) stopping by from the blog follower ;)

  11. It took me a long time to find that voice you describe so well. I think nice men have it equally, if not harder than nice girls. Always pick the nice guy/girl is my advice to people I meet searching for their perfect partner. There are plenty of bad boys out there, leave them for the B*tches :) What a great post, I found you through your guest post on Another Clean Slate - quality begets quality :)

  12. I love this post, and I think I love you (but not in a creepy blogstalker sort of way, obvi :) )! You have described me to a T! My friends will always say, "You always speak your mind, but you have such a gracious way of doing it that nobody is ever offended even if they disagree." I think that's such a nice compliment. So go, us! I'll be following; welcome to blogland!!

  13. Here, here! Just because you are nice, does not mean you are a doormat!
    Good luck with finishing grad school! I remember those days. I was workign full-time, taking two graduate courses and finishing my thesis all in one semester. Cheese and biscuits, it was crazy!
    Good post! Visiting from Dysfunction Junction Link-Up!


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