Monday, May 6, 2013

LB's (Unhealthy) Guide to Finals Week & A Give Away

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday!

This week starts finals for me, so I thought I would share my guide to surviving finals week. I wish I could say that I was someone who dealed with stress healthily, aka went running, got plenty of sleep, and stayed hydrated with H2O.

Sadly, this is not the case. So, for all of you who are inclined to go on a -sugar binge like it's your first ever halloween-during finals weekthis is the guide for you!

a: Hugs & lots of them. They tend to relieve stress and can be really fun if you jump on the person in question and give them an air hug. 

b: has been my biggest friend this week. Music keeps my stress low and provides enjoyment for people who come in contact with me in the library (I tend to dance without really realizing it when my ear buds are in)
c. CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Need I say more? source
d. I'm not a coffee drinker so diet coke keeps my blood flowing during allnighters. source
e. Gold fish crackers. Seriously the best snack food ever. source

& here's my finals outfit & make-up of choice. I go for comfy during finals week and require an outfit that doesn't take much thought for my fried brain. I keep my make-up to a minimum as well so I can maximize sleeptime. This week I'm simply throwing on my BB cream, blush and mascara and am good to go.

Finals Week

Finals Week by lbinwonderland 

So, there you go my friends. My horribly unhealthy guide to finals week that keeps me going like an energizer bunny, until I can finally crash and sleeeeeep. Oh, glorious sleep.

For all of you with finals- I wish you luck & will be keeping you in my thoughts!

Make sure to enter Hairspray and Highheels birthday give away! You could win $250.00 to Sephora!


  1. I would use the makeup on loads of new eyeshadows and bronzers, perfect for summer! Oh, and probably some new brushes, too!

  2. Not so unhealthy. Nothing bad about candy and goldfishes ;)

    I love pandora too!

    Good luck!

  3. baha i love you survival tips! good luck on finals! i can honestly say, i do NOT miss those days ; ) at our library, we used to have people going around with free red bull, that was my only way to stay awake!

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for the Starbucks giveaway over on You and Me are We's blog :) My favorite drink is a Caramel Frappuccino but I love a Caramel Apple Spice in the winter!

    XO Samantha

  5. I love this! And I'm crushing on the sandals you picked out :)

    I'd totally spend the gift card on my favorite Clinique products.

  6. mmmm candy!

  7. I'm impressed you even put jeans on! My study musts were sweats, layers (libraries get cold), beef jerky, nuts and Monster energy drinks. Good luck!

  8. I really need to get some BB cream - I've heard nothing but good stuff about it. And my go-to survival mode for finals consisted of Del Taco, everyday. Not in any way healthy, but I swear those tacos got me through every finals week I had in college.

  9. First I love this post! Finals suck! lol I didn't drink soda in college so I was all about some yoohoos! haha

    If I won I am not even sure where I would start because I am just now starting to get into make up but I don't really know what I am doing!

  10. Wow, $250? I'd probably use it for a lifetime supply of nail polish!!

  11. I'd buy my favorite liquid eyeliner in a bunch of different colors! I like experimenting :)


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