Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Wish I Had Known in College (A love letter to you)

To all you beautiful women,

I saw this quote the other day and wanted to share: "Be your own kind of beautiful." It got me thinking...

In a culture that defines beauty by what's on the latest issue of a glossy magazine or by what's on TV, I think it can be easy to receive a twisted definition of what beauty is. 

I was talking to some women the other day who told me that the undergraduate university (at which I attend my graduate program) does a survey at the beginning and end of every undergraduate's attendance. Most females said that they came in with more confidence than what they left with.

At first this shocked me, but when I truly thought about it I wasn't surprised and that deeply saddened me. Colleges and universities are the perfect environment for gossip, judgment & hook-up cultures to grow. They can also be amazing places of growth and these negative things don't necessarily happen everywhere- I'm not denying that, but school can also be places in which one feels viewed under a microscope.

I remember my freshman year well-I compared myself to all of the females around me. I worried that I didn't dress cute enough or wasn't pretty enough-until, I realized through my mentors, friends and God that I was my own kind of beautiful.

When I heard about this survey, I wanted to march over to the college and coral every female into a room and tell them what I learned in college. If I was to write my freshman year self a letter it would say:

Dearest LB,

You might feel like you are in an awkward stage of growth right now, but let me tell you this girl, you are beautiful. You have your own unique personality, style and way of seeing the world- and it's beautiful. Your innocence and naitivity you sometimes get made fun of for? That's what makes you so special. Don't feel like you need to be like every other girl you see. Yes, they are beautiful, too, but they aren't you. Therefore, you don't need to mirror them.

Find yourself and be confident in who you are. You are going to learn and grow so much these next four years. You are going to have difficult moments and amazing moments. Both will help you go stronger and into the woman you will become. Be thankful for each moment, for each moment is a chance to grow and stand strong in your own beauty.

Always be your own kind of beautiful.

freshman year me :)

-And to you beautiful women who read this: I hope you know how truly beautiful you are. If someone hasn't told you it lately, let me; You. Are. Beautiful.

So, I encourage you and myself to remember and always be, 

Our Own Kinds of Beautiful.



  1. This is absolutely what I needed to read tonight. it is amazing how much we compare ourselves to others when in reality, we are lovely the way we are! Love love love your blog!

    1. Your comment is just what I needed to hear tonight! As a new blogger, I get worried people aren't enjoying my blog, so your comment means so much!! :) Thanks, Leah! And you are so right- we are lovely just the way we are!

  2. I feel the same way. I am definitely more comfortable in my own skin now at 29 than I was at 18 or 19. I think about all I could have done if I wasn't so darn self conscious.
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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Tara and for your wonderful comment! I just followed your blog and love it!

  3. This is such an inspiring post, I got here because of your comment on The Girl Who Loved To Write. I've been looking through your blog and its beautiful.
    There is a link up tomorrow about knowing our new name and identity in Christ hosted by My Life His Mission( fits perfectly with this. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and it's so encouraging to be reminded of this!
    Apologies for the essay of a comment! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Abi and for your sweet comment!! I'm so happy you like my blog-that means so much! And I love essay of a comments! :) I will go link up now and follow you back!!


  4. You *are* beautiful!

    This is a good letter to your younger self! I once wrote a letter to my 16 year old self. I also told her she wasn't as fat and ugly as she thought she was.

    I came from the blog hop btw.


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