Saturday, April 13, 2013

Newbie & Wonderland's First Ever Give Away!

Hello loves!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! (I'm stuck in bed with a cold, but that just means I have more time to catch up on blogging!)

I am still very much a newbie to this whole blogging thing. Every day I learn something new & meet another awesome blogger. It's what makes this so much fun.

At first (okay, maybe super recently) I was afraid my blog's "niche" wouldn't be cool enough. I mean, do I even have a "niche"? If I had to define it, I'd say it would be:

blogging about adventures, living life with my man friend, being a grad student, figuring out how to live in a city & not a town whose people population just surpassed their cow population, living with anxiety (& how hard it can sometimes be), occasionally posting total fattening recipes (vegetables & I have a very love/hate relationship), posting fashion photos in which I look like the most awkward human being ever) & generally just being a crazy, enthusiastic human being.

^That might be too many things to be considered a "niche" but it's me being me. So, I think that's what counts, right?

Anyhows, since I've started blogging I have met so many encouraging people (including all of you who read & follow). Through your encouragement and reading your blogs, I have realized that my "niche" is plenty cool enough- because it is me, just being LB (sang to the tune of Miley just being Miley)

I love reading blogs because everyone is doing there own thing and being their own selves. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your encouragement & blogs means so much to me.

So, as a thank you & to make sure you know how beautiful & awesome you all are...

I'M HOLDING MY FIRST EVER GIVE AWAY! (I feel like this is when I go from being a baby blogger to toddler! :))

Music is something that is super important to me. It always is lifting me up & keeping me inspired. Therefore, I have decided to give away a $25.00 iTunes gift card! (I seriously wish I could give all of you one, but my grad school budget barely allows for enough annies mac & cheese to keep me fed)

The give away will go live tomorrow at 12am! & since it is a gift card with a snazzy code-it is open to everywhere!

A big thank you again. All of your encouragement makes blogging totally worth it.

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  1. how freaking great are you? :) I cant wait to see your blog continue to grow!

    :) you are such a sweet girl LB.

  2. How exciting! Sorry you're feeling crappy. Rest up!

  3. Of course I am already following you on Twitter and Bloglovin. I think your niche is just perfect!

  4. So awesome to see you doing your first giveaway!! I would download the new OneRepublic CD with my card. Have you heard the's amazing!! :)

  5. WOO first giveaway! (I would totally download Selena Gomez. Don't judge me)

    And I love your blog! I worried about the same things (not that I've stopped thinking about them) but I realized that I'm doing this cuz I enjoy it, and I love meeting other people and learning more about the blogging world! You do you, it's working! :)

  6. YAY to first giveaways:) And hmmmmm, what music? That is hard to say. I'd have to say Frightened Rabbit:)

  7. Love this, LB! Gosh...there are too many! I would probably download the new Mumford and Sons!

  8. I love Miley and I love YOU! Congrats on your first giveaway!!! I'm not sure what I would buy with it... but I get new iTunes songs almost every week. Addicted!

  9. I would either get the new Brad Paisley album or Blake Shelton album ... or both!! Thanks for the chance to win this :-)

  10. hi five for you first giveaway LB! this is great. it's such a great way to find new readers and grow your blog!

  11. First giveaway!! Awesome :) and the fact that its for music is even better. I cant even begin to say what I'd buy because there's so much. The one thing I do know is that it'll be country no doubt!! Im a newbie blogger to and feel the same way sometimes. But then I remind myself that this is what I love to do. I love to write, share my thoughts and wonderful experiences and meet new people and as long as I'm being my true self, thats what matters.

    Thank you for following. I am so glad you did so that I could come join your wonderful blog! Its wonderful and so are you :)

  12. Am I lame for admitting I would be heading to get the new miley/snoop song. haha.
    Thanks for hosting such a fab giveaway!

  13. I would stock up on some Disney songs. I listen to the Hercules soundtrack ALL THE TIME on Spotify, but I don't actually own it!

  14. I would most likely buy the new JT album. (: And this is awesome that you're doing a giveaway!

  15. Lol love the toddler blog reference, too funny :) Great giveaway!

    Pearls & Paws

  16. Hey LB, I'm LB too!! Love your blog!!

  17. I am way into Chvrches right now! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, LB!
    ~Kaitlin @ Life's Little Mischiefs

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  19. Hey LB! I am a newbie in this blogging world just like you, and I can definitely relate. Glad I stumbled upon your blog and am a new follower :) Would love if you stumbled upon mine when you get the chance!
    Beauty to Sparkle

  20. I'd head straight for the new JT album - can't get Suit&Tie out of my head!


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