Monday, April 29, 2013

Now You're In New York

Hi loves!

Sorry I have been a tad MIA, I spent the weekend in NYC visiting my bestest friend (since kindergarten-I feel old), Chelsea for her birthday & am now just getting back to reality.

I headed down on Thursday with Michael who had to be in the city on buisness. So while he was off doing his work thang I got to run around the city on my own and then found Chelsea and kicked off a glorious weekend.

I was at first nervous about walking around NYC on my own. Mike made fun of me because it is in a grid & Boston is a total mess of streets. But, for some reason Boston makes more sense to me-I think it's that whole it being home thing. (Driving was terrifying, though-check out the top left photo).

Anyhows, I managed not to get lost and had a lovely time galavanting. I spent a good chunk of time in Bryant park enjoying the sunshine.

The rest of the weekend was spent at Chelsea's and exploring NYC via night time. I thought 2 am was late for bars to close here in Boston-nope. Totally wrong. NYC stays awake all. night long. and the lovely ladies I was with were night owls- so guess what?

This grandma stayed out until 4:30 in the morning and managed to stay awake to tell the tale.

Craziness. (This is probably the one time I'll be able to tell my children I stayed up past 2am...)

Anyways, we had a lot of fun including rooftop shenangigans, making Mike take five girls out on the town, and the meeting of my godson Big. (See the pretty boy in orange fur? That's him)!

Happy birthday, Chels. I love you lots.

Hope were all of your weekends? Enjoy the sunshine?



  1. Welcome back to reality! Glad you had a blast- what is it about NYC that forces us to stay awake til all hours of the morning!?

  2. ok i completely agree with you. people said our small town of tulsa was 'easy' to navigate. that's just one big lie! but when i lived in chicago i could always tell you exactly what direction we were heading and where we were!

  3. NYC is such a fun city. I can't imagine driving there, though. I'm glad you had a fun time and didn't get lost! :)


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