Thursday, September 26, 2013

What the heck is a blate? & Some Inspiration for One Of Those Days

Hi Loves!

When I began blogging six months ago, I remember coming across some of the lingo and thinking "what on earth does that mean?" For example...


What is that? Some sort of blogger sandwich? Or some kind of way to say I was late in posting my post?

Ya, no. I was way off the mark.

In case you are having a hard time understanding all the lingo like me, a blate is a date for bloggers. And I was able to experience my first ever one with Rachel from Postcards From Rachel, yesterday!

I'm glad I figured out what a blate was because it was a blast. I felt like it was my initiation from being a "baby blogger" to a full blown toddler. Look, ma! I'm walking!

Photo Cred: Rachel's Iphone

That's Rachel and I. We went to a yummy restaurant called Parish Cafe near Copley Square. If you're ever looking for a delicious lunch place in downtown Boston, try it out. We took this picture right after saying we were never going to be fashion bloggers because we both pose awkwardly...then the wind picked up and we managed to smack heads and take this. Aka I'm pretty sure we were meant to be friends. If you haven't checked her blog out make sure to-she's fantastic! And if you're in Boston and ever want to go on a blate, let me know-I'm hooked!


This is one of my favorite verses. Whenever I read it, I always think, "Wow. That's what I want to be." Some days I do okay at being strong, clothed in dignity and manage to live in the moment and then there's days like today where it is just plain hard.

Those days where you wake up clearly on the wrong side of the bed. The days where you need double the dose of caffeine to stay awake. The days where you simply want no one to look at you or to say anything to you so you don't have to interact with the world. The days when the laundry comes out wet and you don't want to pay another $1.25 to run it again.

Days like this I grow so frustrated with myself. Why can't I shake this feeling of tiredness? Why can't I just be happy with what I have and the multitude of blessings that surround my life? Why did I bark at M for asking a question?

So, I guess this post is my way of reminding myself to breathe and be gentle with myself. That woman whose clothed in strength and dignity, who can laugh at the days to come? She has her days. And they do not make her any less strong, they make her human. They make her beautiful.

When you have one of those days, remember...
You are strong.
You are beautiful.
And you'll be able to laugh at the days to come again and be happy in the moment.

But for now?
It's okay to let the day suck. It's okay to take a few moments to breathe.
It's okay to not be perfect.


  1. Blates sound so much fun!

  2. I love blates . I have never had a real experience but it was all on skype . Similar enough but I am a bloggy chic now ;)

  3. I'm all about those last three sentences. They are exactly what I needed to read on this dreary Monday morning.
    I'm popping over from Rachel's blog after reading about your blate, I thought I'd say hi... bonjour! :)


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