Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Perfect Mojito & A Give Away!

Hi all!

I am so happy it is almost Fridayyyyyy!!! 

For all of you who decided to be awesome and not give up alcohol for a month (why did I decide to do this, again?) here is a recipe for the perfect mojito! It is seriously delicious. Please have one or two for me this weekend :)

What You'll Need:

Rum (whichever you prefer)
1 Can Frozen Limeade
Sprigs of Mint
A Mixer
Muddle the mint, then put the limeade (I usually use 1/2 a container for two mojitos), rum (a shot or two depending on your mood ;)) mint, and ice cubes into a blender. Pulse and mix into a yummy consistency, then put in a fancy glass and drink up


Meet Abbey, the adorable blogger of The Makings of a Mess. She loves target, books and meeting new people. Aka she's totally awesome and so is her blog!
What is your blog name and why did you choose it?

My blog name is The Makings of a Mess. When I first started blogging, it was "First Grade Jitter Bugs," to document my first year teaching first grade, but then life got a little crazy, so I changed it to "The Makings of a Mess," which was and is my life now.

How long have you been blogging for? Why did you start?
I blogged in high school, but then started this blog up in September 2011. I started, as I said before, to write about my experience as a first year teacher, but my view changed from teaching to life in general as an outlet.

If you could be any candy bar what would you be and why?
I'd be a Kit-Kat Bar because everybody needs a break every once in awhile!

What is a favorite adventure you've had?
Last summer, I got the opportunity to go to Sarasota, Florida on vacation with my boyfriend, Jason and two of his friends. It was the first time going there and we went in the middle of Tropical Storm Debby. We had to endure the rain and winds, but also go to explore the beautiful city and beach life as well during me and Jason's birthday week!

What sorts of things do you blog about?
I blog about life in general. The everyday stuff: my boyfriend, what I do on a daily basis, adventures I've been on, fun pictures, and silly quotes from cute, yet crazy kiddos. It's also a place for me to just go and vent about what's on my mind.

What are you really passionate about?
I'm passionate about children and teaching them not only in an educational way, but also everyday values- respecting and being kind to one another. All children should know that they are loved even when they give you an incredibly hard time.

Where can we follow your adventures?
Anything else you'd love us to know about you? 
I love meeting new blog friends, so come check out my blog and say hello!

Make sure to check Abbey's blog out! She is also giving away a 200x300 featured ad space, so make sure to enter! :)


  1. that mojito looks to die for! too bad we don't have limeade or even anything close to it in korea : ( another one i'll have to bookmark for when we move back!

  2. I am not supposed to drink alcohol for a while because of my dizzy spells- so I am right there on the wagon with you, LB!

  3. Hey there. Would love for you to come by and link up with me and my blog friends. Be sure to answer the question too. It's "How did you meet your boyfriend, fiance or husband? (which ever applies to you) and What nice things does he do for you. Be sure to tell your other blog friends about my blog hop and point them in my direction.

  4. Oh yum, will definitely be trying this mojito soon! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. The mojito recipe sounds great! thank you!!!

  6. Consider it done. I give you a lot of credit!

  7. mmm the mojito looks killer!

    newest follower :) found you through chelsea from lost in travels!

  8. The mojito recipe looks fabulous, and it's great to meet Abbey! Thanks for the giveaway--I'm all entered to win my ad space!


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