Friday, July 19, 2013

A Relationship No No

Happy Friday loves!

I hope you all had great weeks and are staying cool. Boston is a whopping 100 degrees today and I think I've already melted. 

This week I made a rookie girlfriend mistake. You know those things you say say you'll never do and then you get overtired, PMS-Y (yup, I made that a word) and there's simply not enough chocolate in the world to satisfy you-so you do it? I did one of those 

I told M that my schedule was busier than his and that I had more reason to be exhausted. 

One, it's not even true. And two, I had no reason to be justifying my tiredness. M understands it. I was just grumpy and wanted to take it out on something. 

What did I learn?

It's never smart to compare ones life to one's significant other.  It's better to work as a unit and not judge the others busy or not so busy week, but support them. 

Yes, I realize a five year old could have taught me this. I blame the lack of chocolate in my life. 




  1. Aww, don't blame yourself, blame your ovaries. Those assholes!

  2. Periods are THE WORST. We should start a support group where we can all be as dramatic as we want with each other and we can avoid being dramatic with our sig others! ;) I'm sure the boy will forgive the red monster! Xo

  3. yeaaa I mean you can blame your PMS because it really does fuck with you. but it's hard to deal with life when you're cranky. as long as you apologize you gotta have some wiggle room to be a jerk

  4. PMS is a damn bitch. Aunt Flo sucks ass

  5. AF sucks most of the time, at least he understood and you realize what you did. AF makes us say things we don't mean in the heat of the moment.

  6. I said almost the exact thing to my husband on Friday night...and am dealing with the same symptoms as you. It certainly didn't go over well. Poor guy ;)

  7. Haha this is so true.. I love the way you put it. Now, go reward yourself for realizing this with some chocolate.


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